• Black Christmas DVD (2007) Katie Cassidy
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Though it was only a mild success upon its release in 1974, the original BLACK CHRISTMAS (directed by Bob Clark, who would go on to direct A CHRISTMAS STORY in 1984) has become a cult favourite among horror buffs since the dawn of the home-video era. An early example of the 'body count' genre, the film also predates WHEN A STRANGER CALLS (1979) in its use of a killer making threatening phone calls that originate within his potential victims’ own house. In this remake, writer/director Glen Morgan takes the basics of Roy Moore's screenplay for the original to create an elaborate and almost comically disturbing back story for Billy, the killer who previously remained a mystery. A handful of sorority girls remain at their house on campus after the school shuts down for Christmas break. An ominous snowstorm blows in, isolating them. At the same time, a killer--who in this version escapes from a mental institution to return to his former family home--breaks into the attic and begins making terrifying phone calls to the girls.Stylistically, Moore’s remake avoids casting the film in the ironic post-SCREAM or streamlined, gore-free Japanese-horror-inspired fright films of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Instead he makes BLACK CHRISTMAS in the style of a 1980s slasher film. The plentiful blood and guts will please fans of that era, as will tributes to the HALLOWEEN films. This, along with a soundtrack that eschews holiday standards in favour of modern pop music, plus a dim lighting scheme that relies heavily on coloured Christmas bulbs, combine to create an atmosphere of holiday dread in this fun update of what has become a horror classic.
Leading Role 1 Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Director 1 Glen Morgan
Leading Role 2 Michelle Trachtenberg
Leading Role 3 Katie Cassidy
Additional Roles by Andrea Martin, Kristen Cloke, Oliver Hudson
Producer James Wong, Glen Morgan
Screenwriter Glen Morgan, Roy Moore
Score Composer Shirley Walker
Release Format DVD
Rating 15
Release Year 2007
Genre Horror/Occult
Language English
Running Time 79 minutes
EAN 5060002835593

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Black Christmas DVD (2007) Katie Cassidy Title: Black Christmas Leading Actor: Katie Cassidy Duration: 84 mins Format: DVD / Normal Type: DVD Studio / Publisher: TCFHE UK Release Date: 19 Nov 2007 View our feedbackmusicmagpieshop Remake of the 1974 slasher classic where college girls try to avoid the chop. Deranged murderer Billy Lenz (Robert Mann) has escaped from a mental institution and is heading back to the house where he gruesomely murdered his abusive mother years before. After laying empty for years, the house has been renovated, and is now accommodation for a college sorority. Eight college students and their sorority mother, staying a night in the house before going home for Christmas, then start to receive worrying phone calls. It's not long before they find out that Billy is heading their way, and he's not bearing gifts. musicMagpie Quality Guarantee! Don't want to miss out on all the latest news, competitions & offers? Sign up now
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Black Christmas DVD (2007) Katie Cassidy

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