• CRAB BELL I'm here for ALAN damaged but ADORABLE TK MAXX inspired badge set pack

I have sat here for a good while, trying to work out how to describe this pack of badges.  And then it dawned on me... if you're not a member of the TK Maxx gallery of horrors page on facebook (other social media platforms are available) then you are probably viewing these badges with the same look of "eh!?" as one would get whilst browsing the damaged but adorable section of a Maxx store.This pack of beautiful badges, designed by moi, are inspired by the aforementioned facebook group. I have long been an admirer of the weird yet wonderful items that can be found in a Maxx store - and when I discovered that I was not the only one who adores searching through aisles of insect shaped lamps, questionable looking ornaments and bags of pasta that have probably been out in the sun for too long, I felt I had found my social media home.  But how, when out searching for crab bells in the wild, would I be able to spot fellow Maxxers?  Apart from the deranged look and posing for selfies whilst dressed in the most ridiculous garments of course... Badges.  Badges that will enable me to easily identify other crab bell and Alan spotters. Now, you could argue that I am merely cashing in on this trend... and you would of course be right.  But, I need the extra money to fund my TK habit... and you are now my enablers.Great bran tub/secret santa gift of course.  But why wait to get one in your stocking when you could buy yourself a pack now?  After all, Alan is not just for Christmas.Please note the RRP... which is what I reckon they're worth... but in true Maxx style, I'm offering them for the massively-reduced-from-what-I reckon-they're-worth price of just £4.99.Take a look at my other items - some are quite serious - there's some really rude Christmas cards there so don't look if you're easily offended...

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CRAB BELL I'm here for ALAN damaged but ADORABLE TK MAXX inspired badge set pack

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