Hell Drivers (1957) is a British film drama film noir directed by Cy Endfield and starring Stanley Baker, Herbert Lom, Peggy Cummins and Patrick McGoohan. The film was produced by the Rank Organisation and Aqua Film Productions.Contents    1 Plot    2 Cast    3 Production    4 Home media    5 External linksPlot"Joe Yately" (Stanley Baker), whom everyone calls "Tom", has just been released from prison and is determined to start a new life. Tom arrives at Hawletts, a contractor which transports loads of track ballast from a nearby quarry, and tells gatekeeper Harry that he is looking for work. Harry lets him in and sends him to Mr. Cartley, the manager.Tom tells Lucy (Cartley's secretary) that he met "Leggy" Legubin, a former Hawletts driver who had an accident resulting in a plate in his skull and told Tom that Hawletts paid its drivers well. Legubin's accident made Tom think there was a job available. Lucy recommends him to Cartley, who hires him for a trial run. Cartley tells Tom that his drivers transport their 10-ton loads fast, over bad roads. Speeding tickets and repairs are covered by the drivers. Hawletts has a bonus system in which the drivers receive seven shillings a load and four shillings an hour, with an additional weekly bonus for the cleanest truck. They are expected to deliver a minimum of twelve loads a day; if a driver falls behind, he is fired. Each run is 20 miles (32 km) round-trip; according to Cartley, one driver makes eighteen runs a day.Tom goes on a trial run with Ed, the mechanic, who is impressed with his driving skill but appears noncommittal. Cartley hires him. Tom is accepted by all the other drivers except Red (Patrick McGoohan), an Irish foreman and head driver who is a violent bully. Tom befriends Gino (Herbert Lom), an Italian driver who is in love with Lucy. Red offers a £250 gold cigarette case to any driver who can make more runs than he does in a day, and Tom is determined to try.One evening, the drivers go to a dance at a nearby hall and start a fight. When the police are called Tom flees the scene, fearful that his criminal record will return him to prison. Red calls Tom a coward and the other drivers (except Gino) turn on him, bullying him incessantly.Lucy and Tom are attracted to each other, but Tom hesitates out of loyalty to Gino. The other drivers continue picking on him but, determined to escape his criminal past, he does not fight back. Tom learns that Cartley and Red have been scamming money by hiring fewer drivers than the budget allows and pocketing the difference, forcing the drivers to haul extra loads at high speed. Tom confronts Red and defeats him in a fistfight. Gino learns that Red plans to kill Tom by sabotaging his truck, and offers to switch trucks. Lucy breaks up with Gino, who has asked her to marry him and learns that she and Tom are secretly seeing each other. Despite his heartbreak, Gino continues to help Tom by driving his truck (which is sabotaged by Red) and is fatally injured in a crash. Distraught, Tom is tempted to return to criminal life but Lucy convinces him to stay.He discovers that Red has been keeping his place as top driver by taking a risky short-cut through a quarry. Tom attempts to do the same, but Red and Cartley (in another truck) try to force him off the road and over a cliff. Tom is injured, and his truck dangles over the edge of the quarry. Red loses control of his truck, goes over the side and he and Cartley are killed. Tom escapes, and Lucy (who followed them in a Hawletts jeep) runs to him.Cast    Stanley Baker as Tom Yately, truck 13    Herbert Lom as Gino Rossi, truck 3    Peggy Cummins as Lucy, Hawlett's secretary    Patrick McGoohan as C. 'Red' Redman, foreman (truck 1)    William Hartnell as Cartley, Hawlett's manager    Wilfrid Lawson as Ed, Hawlett's mechanic    Sid James as Dusty, truck driver    Jill Ireland as Jill, 'Pull Inn' waitress    Alfie Bass as Tinker, truck driver    Gordon Jackson as Scottie, truck driver    David McCallum as Jimmy Yately, Tom's brother    Sean Connery as Johnny Kates, truck driverBuyers - Please note this is not a factory press. The disk is supplied in a plastic slip with wrap , The films will play fine on stand-alone DVD players,stand-alone Blu-Ray Players, most computers (with a DVD drive) and PS3. All titles are region free PAL standard. – This title is public domain, please do not remove this listing.Additional information for buyers and representatives.This item is provided on a DVD-R disc. It is not a factory produced disk. This title is thought to be in the Public Domain which means it has ran out of copyright, as such it is lawful to reproduce this film in this manner. Movies in the public domain are supplied to me on a common license and do not break regulationsso long it is made clear that buyers are receiving a non-factory pressed disk. Titles are cross referenced for Public Domain status,however if you believe my collated information is incorrect on a particular title; please contact me.AWAY ON HOLIDAY ON THE 14TH TO 24TH SO DVDS BROUGHT IN BETWEEN THESE DATES WILL BE SENT WHEN I GET BACK SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCEback from holiday today the 24th so dvds will be sent as normal from today thanks

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