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Browse our Store Stunning Rare & Special Crystal Tumblestones Massive Variety to choose from!!Buy 4 and get 1 more free!!!  Description FREE POSTAGE!Plus..when choosing 1st class delivery or special delivery, only 1 postage cost no matter how many items you buy from my shop!!Any Problems using the basket please contact me!International sales will only pay one postage cost for multiple items as long as you add to basket and pay for them together!Everything in my shop is on a "Buy 4 get a 5th Free" offer so please take a look in my shop to mix and match from different listings! Just add the items to your basket and pay for them in one easy transaction!◆ This Listing is for One Crystal Tumblestonein an organza pouch Please choose the type from the drop down menu!Sizes and details are stated below, any questions please do not hesitate to contact me :)Buy 4 and get 1 more free!!! Just add to basket in multiples of 5 to qualify and you will receive the cheapest one free!
Amethyst Aura - 25-30mm Mariposite - 15-25mm
Ametrine L - 20-30mm Merlinite - 20-30mm
Ametrine XL - 30-40mm Metamorphosis Quartz - 15-25mm
Angel Aura M - 15-20mm Micalated Quartz - 30-40mm
Angel Aura L - 20-30mm Midnight Lemurian Jade - 25-35mm
Angel Aura XL - 35-45mm Morado Opal - 15-25mm
Angelite (A) - 20-30mm Morganite - 20-30mm
Apache Tears (A) - 10-15mm X5 Muscovite Needles - 15-25mm
Apatite (A) - 20-30mm Natural Citrine - 20-30mm 
Aquamarine (Green) (A) - 25-35mm Nephrite Jade - 20-30mm
Aragonite - Blue (A) - 30-40mm Nuumite - 20-30mm
Astropholite - 25-30mm Orange Calcite - 20-30mm
Black Jade - 18-25mm Orange Selenite - 20-30mm
Black Tourmaline (A) L - 20-25mm Orbicular Jasper - 20-30mm
Black Tourmaline (A) XL - 30-40mm Osumilite - 20-30mm
Blue Beryl (A) - 15-25mm Peridot - 6-12mm (x 15 or x 30)
Blue Calcite - 20-30mm Petalite - 20-30mm
Blue Chalcedony (A) - 15-25mm Pietersite - 20-30mm
Blue Jade - 20-35mm Pinilith - 20-30mm
Blue Topaz (A) - 15-20mm Pink Charoite - 15-25mm
Bryozoan - 20-30mm Pink Opal - 20-35mm
Bustamite - 18-25mm Prehnite with Tourmaline L - 15-20mm
Bytownite (Golden Labradorite) - 15-25mm Prehnite with Tourmaline XL - 30-40mm
Cassiterite - 20-30mm Pyrite - 15-25mm
Celestite - 18-25mm Rhodochrosite (AA) - 20-30mm
Chalcopyrite A Grade - 20-30mm Rhodochrosite - 10g 
Charoite (AAA) - 20-30mm Rhodonite Quartz (A) - 15-25mm
Chiastolite - 15-25mm Ruby (AA)- 15-20mm 
Chrysoberyl (Cymophane) - 20-35mm Ruby Feldspar - 25-35mm
Chrysoprase (A) - 15-20mm Ruby in Fuchsite - 15-25mm
Danburite - 25-35mm Ruby in Zoisite - 15-20mm
Diopside - 20-30mm Rutilated Quartz (A) - 20-30mm
Dendritic Agate - 15-25mm Sapphire - 30-40mm
Dumortiorite - 30-40mm Scolecite - 20-30mm
Emerald  - 25-35mm Seftonite - 25-35mm
Eudialyte - 20-30mm Selenite - 20-25mm
Fire Agate L - 20-30mm Seraphinite (A) - 15-25mm
Fire Agate XL - 30-40mm Shattuckite - 35-40mm
Fire Opal - 25-30mm Shiva Lingham - 35-45mm
Garnet (A) - 20-30mm Shungite - 15-20mm
Haematoid Quartz - 20-30mm Snakeskin Agate L - 20-30mm
Healers Gold  - 30-40mm (Pyrite Quartz, Snakeskin Agate XL - 30-40mm
Black Manganese and Magnetite) Spectrolite - 20-30mm
Idocrase (Vesuvianite) - 25-35mm Spinel Matrix - 20-30mm
Iolite (A) - 20-30mm (Chunky) Stillbite - 15-25mm
Jet (A) - 20-30mm Stichtite - 25-35mm
K2 - 20-30mm Sugilite - 15-25mm
Kimberlite - 20-30mm Sulphur Quartz - 20-30mm
Kunzite - 15-20mm Thulite - 25-35mm (Slice - 25-30mm)
Kyanite (AA) - 20-30mm Tourmalinated Quartz - 20-30mm
Lapis Lazuli - 30-40mm Turquoise - 25-35mm (Flat Stone)
Larimar (A) - 20-30mm Vatican Stone - 30-40mm
Lodestone - 25-35mm Yellow Calcite - 25-35mm
Malachite (A) - 20-30mm Yellow Opal - 20-30mm
Mangano Calcite - 25-35mm
      *Please note, the Natural Citrine are irregular shapes and have only had a short tumble process*Please look in my shop for more crystal products! ◆     Please be aware that crystals are a natural product and are rarely perfect so please allow for minor imperfections and variations in shape, colour and size. This does not affect the metaphysical properties of the crystal. Some crystals are potentially toxic so please do some research before buying.The crystal healing information on my listings is provided as guidance only. Crystal Therapy and Reiki Therapy are both complementary therapies and are not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. You should always consult with a professional medical practitioner and continue with any medical treatment prescribed for you. Any questions or further information required about the properties of the crystalsplease do not hesitate to contact me!Love and Light!Sharon Payment & Terms I accept Paypal, personal cheque or cash on collection. Goods will be dispatched once payment has cleared. Postage & Packing Free UK Postage is for Royal Mail 2nd Class or economy delivery but I will also offer a faster option which you can choose at checkout. All of my items are included in the promotional discount scheme so you will only ever pay one postage cost, no matter how many items you buy, as long as all items are paid for in one transaction. Any problems with items not arriving or arriving damaged, please contact me as soon as possible to I can resolve the situation. Returns Policy You are welcome to return 'buy it now' items within 30 days of receiving the item, please contact me to arrange the return. Return postage costs are at the buyer's expense and all items must be returned in perfect condition with ample packaging and fit for resale. Please obtain proof of postage and keep this until I have received the item. For faulty or 'not as described' items, return postage costs will be refunded to you and you will be given a choice of either a full refund or a replacement. Content © Copyright perfectessence. All rights reserved.

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Rare & Special CRYSTAL TUMBLESTONES - Massive Choice! Healing Reiki Gemstones

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