• Rose Quartz/Amethyst/Clear Quartz - 3 raw natural crystals -Chakra Reiki Healing

Rose Quartz/Amethyst/Clear Quartz - 3 raw natural crystals supplied in a complimentary fine organza drawstring bag (the colour of the bag may vary). Also provided are 3 information cards relating to the 3 crystals giving a brief description of the crystals' meanings and healing qualities.Since ancient times crystals have offered us a wealth of ways to heal our spirit and enhance our lives. In crystal healing they can be used to improve your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Whatever you believe, crystals are truly things of light and beauty; they are wonderful to collect and behold.Rose Quartz - Love, gentleness, emotional healing, release of stress. Chakras: Heart.Amethyst - Memory, protection, purification. Chakras: Third Eye, Crown.Clear Quartz - Healing, cleansing, clearing, memory. Chakras: All.The price quoted is for all 3 crystals depicted in the photos. The size and weight of the crystals varies but typically they range between 20mm-35mm and weigh between 7 and 19 grams.Warning: Gemstones constitute a choking hazard and are not suitable for babies and young children.Disclaimer: The information given in this listing is provided for guidance only. Crystal therapy is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. You should always consult a professional medical practitioner and continue with any medical treatment prescribed to you.

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Rose Quartz/Amethyst/Clear Quartz - 3 raw natural crystals -Chakra Reiki Healing

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